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Ielts Task 2 sample band 9 : Advances in technology and automation have reduced the need for manual labor. (opinion) Therefore, working hours should be reduced.



Advances in technology and automation have reduced the need for manual labor. (opinion) Therefore, working hours should be reduced.


To what extent do you agree or disagree?




Introduction: See-saw approach.


1.     Warning about the concerned impacts on

2.     Accept the truth – modernization improves work efficiency/ productivity so labor-intensive jobs hours should be cut back.



The constant revolution of machine advances, technology and automation has never been as outrageous as it is now. As an inevitable result, the demand for manual labor is decreasing, leading to the cutback of working hours to save manpower and wages, whereas increasing productivity.  Although I accept that there are some obvious drawbacks to employment, I strongly advocate a cutback in working hours. (63 words)


Body 1:

Undeniably, working less hours generally also means less income for the household for the most part. This loss of income is more likely to cause frustration or financial stress on the laborers leading to more severe health problems, both mentally and physically. This in return will ultimately wreak havoc on the state health insurance budgets. Worse than that, if low skilled workers are replaced totally by automation technology causing a rise in unemployment rates, GDP drops, and the economic health of the countries involved will suffer a tremendous loss. (89 words)


 Body 2 Explain idea 2 – increased productivity thanks to advanced machinery.

However, I am totally convinced that the above downsides are easily compensated by the economical gains that technological advances and computerization bring. For example, AI (chat GPT or CoPilot) has empowered modern workers to increase their productivity tremendously during the same amount of time compared to their counterparts in the past. More revenues are being created whereas less waste or human mistakes happen. Therefore, laborers can spend more time with their families, further their education to upgrade their skills, and ultimately lead a more wealthy and healthy life balance. (89 words)


 In conclusion, the economic and health related problems caused by a cutback on labor hours can easily be overshadowed by tremendous economic gains induced by technological advances and automations. The world spins nonstop, so new trends should be harnessed and welcomed. (41 words)



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