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IELTS SAMPLE 34 (TASK 2) SOLVED. - 2024. Some people believe that tourism promotes the economy, while others argue that tourism destroys the environment. Discuss both views. 

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 Some people believe that tourism promotes the economy, while others argue that tourism destroys the environment. Discuss both views. 

looking from above a beach
Tourism promotes the economy, how about the environment


Outline dàn ý , Tiếng Anh và Việt cho 1 số học viên căn bản nắm được.

Phân tích đề: Dễ, trình bày 2 mặt của vấn đề.

* Lưu ý Discuss both views chứ không có hỏi thêm về Your Opinion ( ý kiến của bạn nhé). Đa số các bài tương tự sẽ có câu them là Discuss both views and give your opinion.

* Các danh từ / từ hay sẽ được tô đen đậm, màu đỏ là Verb ( động từ)

Làm bài viết luôn luôn ( nhắc lại LUÔN LUÔN) phải có dàn ý. DÀN Ý không làm mất thời gian , mà ngược lại tiết kiệm thời gian và giúp người Viết phát hiện sự lủng cũng lòng vòng của nội dung.



Body 1: Tourism enriches/boosts the country's economy (HOW?)

1)     Range of economic activities Centered around tourism activities at tourist destinations, which generate significant revenues through protection, promotion, and management.

2)     There are ample employment opportunities in lodgings, hotels, hostels, entertainment, food, beverages, and souvenir selling.

Results: boost citizens’ income, collect more taxes, and invest back into the local economy through local projects and facilities, such as express lanes and more resorts.

Body 2: The opposing sides: Overdevelopment

1)     Spoil the beauty of nature, such as in Ha Long Bay, Da Lat, Phu Quoc…

2)     Contribute to air, water, and noise pollution in an area.

3)     Put a strain on local resources such as fresh water, food, and energy – Prices hike.

So, the GOV should:

Allocate resources to promote eco-friendly tourism, preserve the environment as a fundamental aspect of tourism to pass a sustainable environment for the future generations.



crushed water bottles.
Ecotorusim is the key to sustainbale environement for futhure generation


Ielts sample Answer on Environment or Tourism:


In recent years, the tourism industry has emerged as a key driver of national development. However, opinions differ on whether tourism is a Boon for the economy or a threat to the environment. This essay will explore both perspectives. (39w)

Tourism is a crucial contributor to the economy, providing a range of economic activities centred around tourist destinations that generate significant revenue. This industry offers ample employment opportunities to citizens through effective management, protection, and promotion. Furthermore, it boosts residents' income by offering tourism services such as hotels and entertainment and selling souvenirs. As a result, it can enhance living standards and reduce unemployment rates, which perfectly aligns with the government's mission of fostering a prosperous society and providing job opportunities. (83w)

While tourism can bring benefits to a region, it can also have negative impacts on the environment. Overdevelopment, such as the construction of roads and hotels, can harm natural habitats and spoil the beauty of an area. Additionally, tourism can contribute to pollution in densely populated areas and put a strain on local resources like food, water, and energy. Nonetheless, environmental protection plays a crucial role in the development of tourism. Governments should allocate resources to promote ecotourism, which focuses on preserving the environment as a fundamental aspect of tourism. This way, a clean and sustainable environment can be maintained for future generations. (105w)

Tourism can help the economy but harm the environment. We need sustainable practices to protect natural resources and ecosystems. Ignoring this can damage the planet and future generations. (28w)


----------A shorter more academic with arrays of advanced allocations 

Tourism plays a crucial role in national development, but its effects on society are subject to debate. While proponents argue that it stimulates the economy and raises living standards, detractors contend that it poses a threat to the environment. Undoubtedly, tourism provides a substantial source of revenue and employment opportunities.

However, the construction of hotels and infrastructure can cause environmental damage, including habitat destruction and pollution. It is imperative that governments allocate resources for eco-friendly measures and environmental protection to ensure sustainable tourism.

 In essence, tourism can have both positive and negative impacts on society. Therefore, it is essential to balance economic progress and environmental conservation to promote sustainable tourism that benefits society and the environment.

a man holding a sign that says support your local planet
Support your local planet


Vocabulary to Remember:

     1)            Play a crucial play/role in

     2)            National Development (n.phr)

     3)            Are subject to debate. ( V.phrase)

     4)            Proponents (n) + argue.

     5)            Detractors (n) + content

     6)            Stimulate the economy (v.phr)

     7)            Raise living standards (v,phr)

     8)            Pose a threat to (v)

     9)            A substantial source of revenue

10)            Employment opportunities

11)            Hotels and infrastructure

12)            Cause environmental damage. (v) gây ra sự phá hủy môi truing

13)            Habitat destruction (n) sự hủy hoại môi trường sống.

14)            Allocate resources (v) phân bổ nguồn lực.

15)            Eco-friendly measures (n) cho những biện pháp than thiện môi trường.

16)            Sustainable tourism (n) du lich ben Vung

17)            In essence, (n)

18)            Strike a balance between economic progress and environmental conservation.


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