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Task 2 by Thay Gia- Loud noise should be strictly controlled.


Some people think that there should be some strict controls about noise. Others think that they could just make as much noise as they want. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


  • The freedom to make noise

  • An integral part of modern industrial life.

1) Commitment to work and studying

· Due to pressure from work and studying, people need loud noise to relax such as singing Karaoke or dancing to relieve their stress

· May disturb next-door neighbours

2) unavoidable element of industrialization and modernization process.

· Engine noise and traffic noise is so common that they have no reason to object/control them

Body 2 Drawbacks to society

1) unpleasant noise such as blaring horns or deafening work noise can cause detrimental impacts on human health such as cardiovascular problems, sleep disorders and serious stress.

2) Productivity and study may be reduced. Forex white-collar workers and pupils could not concentrate.


1. A dramatic increase in noise.

2. Essential to control noise strictly

3. Make noise whenever they want.

4. struggle with

5. relieve their stress

6. may disturb their next-door neighbours

7. Human life would be better if noise could be reduced.

8. white-collar workers

9. unavoidable element.

10. industrialization and modernization process

11. the commitments of work and studying.

12. cardiovascular problems, serious stress and sleep disturbance.



Some people think that there should be some strict controls about noise. Others think that they could just make as much noise as they want. Discuss both of view and give your opinion.

By Thay Gia 7 August 2021

Noise is such a problematic issue that raise big concerns recently. That is why some people argue that there should be strict control on the level of noise production, while others object to this idea, claiming that people have the right to make noise as loudly as they want. I believe that noise should be controlled for the betterment of human life quality. 62

On the one hand, it is understandable why there are supporters of loud noise. First, noise is indispensable to modern life. In the old-time, people did not have access to modern loud-producing equipment such as TV or music speakers and individual transports were not as popular. However, today people are so accustomed to noises such as blaring car horns or engine noise that they feel no strong objection to them and claim that noise control is unnecessary. Second, loud noise is integral in many critical occasions such as ceremonies or celebrations such as weddings or festivals. Loud music is exciting, upbeat and can be pleasing to the ear that relieves people’s stress of work and study, refresh their mind and revitalize them. Undoubtedly, in this case, noise is an indispensable element. 131

Nevertheless, people’s health and life qualities can be reduced greatly under loud noise’s impacts. For one thing, loud noise such as blaring car horns or noise sounds from people’s clamorous arguments or from brassy nonstop traffic cause people an array of health problems such as cardiovascular problems, sleeplessness which dramatically lower human life quality. For another, unbearable noise interferes and distracts people from their work and study. In a recent survey about the effect of learning environment on a student’s performance, 90% said that they work best in a quiet hushed environment such as the library while just 10% choose to work in noisy places such as parks or café. This example has indicated that booming noise is mainly responsible for low productivity and focus span/ attention. 119

To conclude, Some people argue that they see no problem with excessive noise; therefore, noise levels should not be controlled. I disagree with that idea from every perspective and believe that blasting noise should be controlled effectively to improve humans’ health and productivity.


Describing Noisy Sounds

1. at full blast – as loudly as possible

2. almighty – used for emphasizing how loud something is

3. brassy – a sound that is loud and unpleasant

4. deafening – a sound so loud you cannot hear anything else

5. ear-splitting – extremely loud

6. explosive – a sound that is loud and unexpected

7. howling – a continuous, low, loud noise

8. insistent – a continuous, loud, strong noise.

9. loud – a sound that is strong and very easy to hear

10.noisy – a sound that is full of noise

11.percussive – a short sound, like someone hitting a drum

12.piercing – a sound that is very loud, high, and unpleasant

13.pulsating – strong, regular pattern

14.raucous – rude, violent, noisy

15.resounding – a sound that is loud and that continues for a while

16.riotous – lively and noisy

17.roaring – a deep, loud noise

18.rowdy – noisy and causing trouble – a sound that is sudden and loud

20.shrill – a sound that is loud, high, and unpleasant

21.thundering – extremely loud

22.thunderous – loud

23.tumultuous – a sound that includes noise, excitement, activity, or violence

24.uproarious – extremely noisy

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