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"Task 2 IELTS Sample by Thay Gia: What You Need to Know About Having Children Later in Life"

Updated: Mar 15



Nowadays, more and more people decide to have children later in their life. What are the reasons? Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

By Thay Gia 8 August 2021

Having children at a later age is gaining enormous popularity among many young people today. There are several reasons behind this decision, and the drawbacks of this trend on individuals and society are greater than its merits, I believe.

There are two primary reasons attributed to this trend. First, delaying having children can lead to a more successful career path. This is because rather than embarking on having children, most young people can invest that time in their work without splitting time for taking care of their newborn baby. By doing this, they will have more chances to develop their career as their only priority. Secondly, having children late can also mean young people have more time and freedom for their personal life. They can enjoy a greater variety of entertainment such as travelling around the world without worrying about saving money for the children. Furthermore, this freedom can also enrich their personal lives.

On the other hand, there remain considerable disadvantages to people having children later and for society. For a start, old parents often find it hard financially and physically to take care of their growing children, especially in this materialistic world. Life expenses are rising rapidly and, in the future, would be enormous to fully support a child. Moreover, a bigger concern for families having young children is the generation gap, even if the parents are financially stable or have great social status or knowledge, they may be challenged in understanding their offspring. Secondly, late pregnancy can carry some potential dangers for older mothers. They may suffer from miscarriage or stillbirth, and the children may suffer from Down syndrome or autism. Consequently, this causes a great medical burden on society and a lack of a healthy labour force.

In conclusion, the trend of giving birth late stems from several factors. Eventually, society and the family can suffer from significantly negative drawbacks.


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