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Essay Sample : Sending Kids to Childcare Centres Is Better Than Leaving Them in the Care

Essay Sample : Sending Kids to Childcare Centres Is Better Than Leaving Them in the Care of Their Grandparents


1) Why do parents need a support system for their kids ?—Increase in life expenses/ cost of living. Get help from grandparents or other close relatives.

2) Both sides have ups and downs

Body 1: Benefits and drawbacks sending children to grandparents

1) Experience in taking care of the parents ( parenting) so know how to take care with lots of love- may ensure successful mental and physical development

2) pass on the traditional values and disciplines – keep the family tradition going- remind the child of the family root

Bad sides

1. Overindulgent – spoil the children into spoil brats – can be overcome at the right stage by parental intervention.

2. Apply nonscientific-based approach in taking care- may use folklore traditional methods of treating diseases.

Body 2: Benefits and drawbacks sending children to grandparents

Benefits :

1) Children have the company of other peers — develop communication skills – beneficial for growth.

2) Child care centers have a playground and educational toys or activities that foster children development in terms of mental and physical


1) Have no emotional attachment to kids, so not as considerate as parents in love and caring.

2) Profit-driven primarily so sometimes fail to take good care of every child due to overcrowding


· Day nursery, after school care daycare centres

· Workers, nannies, caretakers, governess.

By Thay Gia 12 August 2021

The increasing living expenses these days mean that both parents have to contribute to the family finance. This brings about whether they should send their children to their grandparents or childcare centers for appropriate support while they are engaged at work. In my view, both sides have their pros and cons, but I am in favor of getting help from the grandparents.

There are two advantages that grandparents would make an appropriate choice. First grandparents have parenting experiences, so they would take good care of the children unconditionally with full of care, love and attention. Secondly, children brought up by grandparents would receive moral lessons and traditional family values. This helps tighten the family bonding as people feel a common sense of interest. On the flipside, grandparents are not always good educators or caretakers in terms of a child's emotional development. Many grandparents often turn blind eyes to the children's fault or simply give them mild punishment. This unfortunately generates spoiled brats. However, if parents intervene at the right stage during the rearing, this problem could be avoided.

Sending children to nursery centers would help a child develop social interaction and communication skills. As children have a company of peers playing along with, they would soon develop these essential skills compared to staying home with grandparents. Moreover, childcare centers can also develop a child's academic development through educational toys and activities which would build up their confidence and creativity. On the flip side, even though childcare centres are officially accredited, they have a less emotional attachment to the children compared to the grandparents. So the child cannot receive as much attention, love and consideration. Besides, childcare centres are profit-driven, meaning that they work for the financial benefits and children can suffer from overcrowding.

After careful consideration of both arrangements, I am confident that leaving the children with their grandparents is a better choice. However, if it is impossible to do so, sending children to childcare centers would not be a bad idea. 335 words

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