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Task 1 Sample Land Degraded worldwide

Sample 1 :

Source : test-big.com

While vividly indicated in the pie chart is the percentage of farmland degraded because of some varying causes global wide, the table correspondingly compares and contrasts the same objects but by region. All in all, overgrazing is the most significant cause of land degradation, and North America is the region suffering least from this phenomenon.

As for the pie chart, over-grazing and deforestation are the two biggest killers to land fertility, taking up 35% and 30% of all the degraded land worldwide respectively. Coming next is over-cultivation occupying a sheer of 28% while the remaining other causes only account for a very low of 7%, one-fifth of land damage caused by over-grazing.

Regarding the table, it can be seen clearly that overgrazing, again, is the widespread cause of land damage in Oceania compared to other parts when it constitutes up to 11,5% ( of 13 % the total land degraded ). However, in Europe, most of its farming land is degraded by deforestation, amounting to 9.8%; the remaining 7,7% and 5.5% go to over-cultivation and over-grazing. Finally, North America suffers the least from the DAMAGE; only 5% of its total land is affected. Over-cultivation (3,3% )damage the area of farmland, a bit more than double compared with overgrazing ( 1,5% ). ( 187 words)


  1. land fertility tính màu mỡ của đất

  2. the biggest cause : nguyên nhân lớn nhất

  3. 1. Amount = chiếm

  4. 2. Account for chiếm

  5. 3. Comprise of = chiếm

  6. 4. Take up = chiếm

  7. 5. Occupy = chiếm

  8. 6. Constitute= chiếm


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