IELTS Task 2 SAMPLE : Financial aids for poor countries?


The money given to help poor countries does not solve the problem of poverty, so rich countries should give other types of help instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

By Thay Gia 29 Jan 2021


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It is argued that to help developing countries out of their debts and destitution, financial aids do not eradicate the problem. Instead, other more effective alternatives should be employed. I completely agree with this notion.

On the one hand, here are some possible reasons why financial aids are not as productive and fruitful as other alternatives. First and foremost, huge financial aids are not easy to allocate and professionally managed with transparency. It is commonly acknowledged that logistic management in an under-developed country is often lax and ineffective. Chances are the financial aids do not fall in the right hands timely and sufficiently, which would cause rage, doubt and mistrust in the government regime. Secondly, most emergent countries are poor primarily due to their corruption, less effective economic policies. Indeed, corrupted officials often misuse the aids for their interests. As undesirable but foreseeable consequences, the monetary aids would not eradicate the problem, but even put the country under more severe social unrest due to riots from the underprivileged and the increasing gap between the rich and poor. 135 words

Given those limitations, I believe that other more effective alternatives should be employed. First, wealthy nations should provide grants and scholarships to the gifted students in poor countries so that they can be exposed to developed technologies and the latest knowledge of the first world. By doing this, more knowledgeable generations are created that could contribute to their country’s economy once they return. Secondly, wealthy countries can also send experts, professors, or high-skilled workers to developing countries to transfer their expertise to the counterparts. These practices have been applied in my country and prove their effectiveness in improving high production rates.

In conclusion, I fully support the idea that instead of giving financial aids, affluent countries can help economically developing countries by upgrading their level of education and knowledge by providing scholarships, grants to gifted students and send experts to help with new technologies and expertise.

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