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"To what extent advertisements influence consumers and what measures can be taken to protect them? A 2024 IELTS Writing Task 2 sample solution."

Updated: Mar 16


Consumers are faced with increasing numbers of advertisements from competing companies.

1. To what extent do you think are consumers influenced by advertisements?

2. What measures can be taken to protect them?


advertisements influence consumers

In our consumerist society, advertising has become a common strategy for enterprises to grab consumers' attention and increase sales. However, this practice has resulted in some adverse impacts on consumers. The good news is that there are effective measures to cope with these negative effects. (45)

One of the most significant negative impacts of advertising is that it encourages impulsive shopping, leading to an over-consumption lifestyle and a throwaway society. Advertisements often use alluring visuals, appealing messages, and celebrity endorsements to persuade consumers to purchase newly released products. As a result, consumers tend to replace their current products with newer, supposedly more functional ones, such as the latest iPhone with minor upgrades. This has created a vicious cycle of waste. Moreover, some advertising campaigns promote unhealthy habits, like consuming fast food. Advertisers tend to exaggerate the benefits and functions of their products without mentioning their inherent dangers. For instance, fast food companies focus on their products' taste, convenience, and unbeatable price rather than the associated health risks. ( 121)

All parties involved, including the government, consumer rights associations, and consumers, must collaborate to address this issue. Firstly, stricter sanctions should be imposed on companies that violate the law, which will undoubtedly encourage advertising companies to produce more ethical ads. Secondly, associations of customer rights must be more actively involved in the battle. Lastly, consumers must protect themselves by being more mindful of their purchase decisions. They can try to hold off on buying a product for a few days and ask themselves if it is necessary. They can also educate themselves on simplicity and understand advertisers' tricks to lure them into buying their products. (105)


In conclusion, advertising is a fundamental part of our consumerist society. However, to minimize its negative impact, both the government and consumers must act. By working together, we can create a more ethical and responsible advertising industry that benefits both businesses and consumers. (43)


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