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Dear Teacher, Dear Readers,

Although it is only an individual class, the teaching style and working environment of Teacher Gia are professional, modern, fully equipped with lighting, all to provide students with high-quality learning opportunities. , commensurate with the prestige and trust of students over the years.

Master Family admission is not based on student ability, which is based on the rules to recruit; Who can pass this code, that person has the ability to pursue learning consciously, culturally, and therefore the probability of success is very high, because discipline creates professionalism, from there to success. .

Therefore, the class does not have an opening date, does not have a 2-4-6 or 3-5-7 style program that allows students to choose flexible hours and tutor students according to their level. This is a way of learning that completely requires students to take the initiative, and close contact with the teacher, not the type of mass learning that participates in class and then copies.

There are very few IELTS classes in HCM that can offer this type of class, because it requires teachers to spend all their time monitoring and managing the class, as well as student learning.

Therefore, to make sure that studying is the right decision, please refer to the rules and make sure you can follow them.

Don't Be Late - Even 1 minute.

  1. Teacher Gia creates favorable conditions: students can choose a date and time that they can arrange to attend, not as rigid as in other classes, because Gia tutors each student individually according to their score needs. No. Therefore, anyone who is late for the class time will be considered late. Even if it's only 1 minute. On time for each class, the class will be closed and there will be no delay.

  2. Note : Any reason students are late will not be allowed to enter the class and students must send a message to inform the teacher about this lateness for the teacher to remind and urge.

If you are 3 minutes late, you cannot enter class.

Do not ask permission when leaving school 3 times- Cut the lock:

If you are late or busy, students must ask permission. If a student intentionally misses school and does not notify or ask for permission 3 times in a row or exactly 3 days in the class schedule, we will permanently cut the course.

    Greeting Culture*(Behaviour: )

    1. Faced with the fact that some young people today are very poor in communication skills, behavioral skills, do not have this cultural habit, the classroom environment, as a teacher, it is difficult for Teacher Gia to accept. A student who comes to class does not know how to greet classmates, teachers and everyone else. The most important IELTS HOUSE class is internal culture to create a peaceful environment, solidarity together passionate about learning and working. seriously, it's not like the class is too busy. Learning English is still associated with other spiritual and cultural activities.

    2. Teacher Gia does not accept the behavior of a part of the children such as: calling and not answering the phone, if you like it, you can go to school if you don't like it, then you will stop, or if you are late, and don't know how to greet your brothers and sisters in class. you work together, or miss school without informing the teacher...

    3. Therefore, Teacher Gia does not accept to teach students who do not know this culture. If you enter the class with the above symptoms, Mr. Gia will not hesitate to advise and remind you regularly until the new implementation is completed. stop.


    Students are allowed to apply for a reservation with the COURSE Duration. For example: a 3-month course, you are reserved for a period of time equivalent to 3 months. You must apply for a reservation before the leave will take effect. After the reservation period, if you do not go back to school, the course is considered to be over.

    Image Copyright: has the right to use your photos in the promotion of the course to other students.


    Mr. Phan Hoang Gia hopes that maintaining throughout the above rules will help the class become the destination of students who really want to learn for their own results and will become more mature and responsible through the process. Close yourself to this rule.

    Mr. Phan Hoang Gia would like to thank you for taking the time to read through this website and hope that the class will be the choice of happy, cultured, serious students.

    Tags: Quick test preparation, good teaching Ielts. Rules will be updated regularly according to the new situation of the class.

    Therefore, students who want to participate must agree
    Apology for being late.
    Please feel free to learn
    ielts thay gia
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