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Ielts Online 1-1 exam preparation program (1 student and 1 teacher) according to the desired IELTS score. To participate in the program, students need to be consulted, tested and accepted to be eligible to study. Students must commit to punctuality, diligence, and follow the IELTS Teacher Gia's own instruction manual and commit to take the test immediately after the exam preparation is over. This Course No Refunds After Admission, And No Reservations, If You Are Late For 3 Times, You Will Be Dismissed From The Course. These are the filters that help IELTSTHAYGIA receive serious students, thereby bringing good results for both sides. Tuition fees and course duration can be adjusted according to the actual situation. Tuition fees here are for reference only. How to Contact: You can contact the Ieltsthaygia Messenger available on the website or call directly 0934.999,995 for advice on how to pay tuition fees. IELTSTHAYGIA thank you for your attention and IELTSTHAYGIA is committed to professional dedication in your journey to conquer IELTS.

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